Student Testimonials


Meredith is an incredibly warm-hearted, thoughtful, skillful yoga teacher who emanates healing, supportive vibes. Her style is a lovely blend of pragmatism, attention to technical detail, and vision of yoga as physical and spiritual therapy. She will meet you exactly where you are and help you work through whichever challenges you might be facing ahead of, during, and following your practice. Meredith prioritizes her students' comfort, as well as learning, allowing you to come away from the experience feeling accomplished, strong, centered, and rejuvenated. She will also field any questions or concerns before or after a session, clearly committed to ensuring her students have whatever support and information they need to feel vital and capable. It's such an honor to work with a teacher who is such a grounding, calming force. I can't recommend Meredith's instruction enough!

/  Maressa B /