Yoga & Meditation


Private Yoga Instruction

You deserve to spend quality time with yourself each week. Our sessions will be more than just a stretch for the physical body. Yoga is about connecting the body with the breath to help disconnect from the constant chatter of the mind. 

Sessions will be individually tailored to your intentions and what you'd like to get out of practice.

We can work together to design a practice that meets your needs from the following styles:

  • Vinyasa (flowing movement, more active, more physically demanding)

  • Yin (meditative, uses blankets/bolsters for a deep passive stretch, won't break a sweat, focuses on strengthening joints)

  • Chair (an adaptive practice for disabilities, injuries, beginners)

  • Sound Healing (restoring, healing, using a moon gong or Tibetan singing bowl)


Private Yoga Nidra

This is a form of meditation translated as “yogic sleep.” It is one of the most accessible forms of meditation that is fully guided and typically done lying down in a comfortable or restorative position. The eight-stage practice of Yoga Nidra mimics the body’s natural pattern of falling asleep in order to facilitate the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. In the short term, expect to feel decreased anxiety, greater body awareness and improved sleep quality. With a long term practice, Yoga Nidra can decrease the effects of stress-related conditions along with other healing benefits.

Corporate Programs

Your employees deserve to have some time out during the work day to reset and relieve stress. Mindfulness & wellness programs in the workplace have been shown to increase productivity and job satisfaction, build camaraderie, reduce anxiety,  relieve chronic pain from sitting, and enhance overall wellbeing.

I can work with you to determine what type of program would be best for staff, whether it's more movement based or more focused on breath & meditation.