Try Something New

Today marks our first full week living in LA and so far it has been a great experience! I've made sure to write in my morning pages despite the move to ensure some kind of continuity in my life, and here is what I've discovered during the transition...

Try Something New.

Now that I'm thrown into a new environment, I'm more easily noticing the habits that I fell into in my last city. This includes everything from running errands to just normal around the house things. Coffee shops are new. All the grocery stores are new. New yoga studios. Trying to find that perfect meditation spot in my apartment. Even learning the sounds in my new place has been a transition (Have birds ever been this loud before? Water heater... why do you make that sound? The oven and dishwasher sing!). You name it - everything I've done in the past week I've had to get out of my old habits and try to make new ones. 

It's been really refreshing, but it has also made me realize that I usually don't like to change my day-to-day habits once I've found a good routine. Some of these habits that I fall into aren't so great. A big one that's popped out at me is my craving for "newness" ... and I realized that I've been unhealthily satisfying this need by buying new things. Yoga pants. Random things for around the house. New essential oils. More superfoods to put in my smoothies. You name it, I was always looking for something new.

This past week I haven't had this need because everything around me is new. Just sitting on our back porch and watching the sun rise with a homemade decaf lavender latte (recipe to come!) has given me the same satisfaction as wearing a new pair of yoga pants. Of course, I fully expect my "new" cravings to come back after things settle down and I find my grocery stores, coffee shops, yoga studios, etc. - which is why I'm sharing what I've found. 

Instead of buying something, try creating something.

That craving for something new, I've diagnosed, at least for me, is more of a craving for a creative outlet. Creating something new myself is much more satisfying than obtaining something new from someone else.

And so, in beginning to look for healthier outlets to calm this craving for "newness," I recently tried hand lettering. I'd never heard of it until I stumbled upon a few cool accounts on Instagram. So I gave it a try... and I think it worked! I feel like I'm developing a new skill that I can actually use in the future. I'm going to continue to try out more sustainable creative-type hobbies the next time I want something new instead of looking for something tangible to fill my cravings. 

So, I urge you to take a look at your life to recognize how you satisfy your craving for "newness." Is it creativity that you're truly craving? Or maybe you're craving something else? Either way, I encourage you to step out of your box and try something new and creative this week and see how you feel.

Go ahead and comment about your experience below! The photo at the top of this blog is my first try at hand lettering. If you're interested in trying it out, check out @theletteringtribe on Instagram. Or I also found helpful as well. Happy creating!