My Favorite Banana Pancakes

This is one of my new favorite breakfast recipes! Lately I've been stuck in the same-old eggs/avocado/fruit for breakfast, and I'm so glad I found something I like enough to switch up my morning routine. One of the best things about these pancakes is that you don't feel heavy, sugared-up or sleepy after eating, which is how I normally feel after eating typical breakfast pancakes.

Bonus: You only need two ingredients! 

  • 1 banana

  • 1 egg

Really... that's it! The serving size is two pancakes, so feel free to increase the amount of ingredients based on the amount of people eating.

The process for making these delicious pancakes...

Mash up the banana in a bowl, then add the egg and stir everything together with a fork until well blended. 

Feel free to add as many superfoods and spices to your batter as you like! I usually add chia seeds, some cinnamon and a bit of vanilla extract. Other good options are ashwagandha, camu powder, maca powder and/or cacao powder.

Warm up a pan on medium heat with coconut oil. Add your pancakes and cook about 3-5 minutes per side. The batter with these won't bubble like typical pancake batter, so periodically lift up one side of the pancake to check the doneness underneath before flipping over. 

Get creative! Add any of these delicious toppings to your plate.

  • Berries/Fruit

  • Hemp seeds

  • Flax seeds

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • Unsweetened shredded coconut

  • Almond butter/Peanut butter

  • Raw honey

Bon Appetit! Feel free to post about your delicious creations below!