Masculine vs Feminine Energy

I recently finished a book called WomanCode by Alisa Vitti, which I very highly recommend reading! This book helps empower women to learn more about their bodies and hormones. For example, not only do we have our periods each month, but there are three completely separate stages that our bodies cycle through... who knew? (Guys, this post is still for you, I promise!) In general, the way you feel is impacted by your hormones, which usually can be controlled via diet and lifestyle. 

One of the concepts in the book that I found interesting was masculine and feminine energy. Balanced individuals - both men and women - use about an equal amount of masculine vs feminine energy every single day. One of the reasons why someone might be imbalanced is because they sway either more masculine or more feminine in terms of energy. 

Here are a few examples of each...

Masculine Energy

  • Actively pursuing your goals

  • Focusing greatly on end results, rather than the path to get there

  • Dedicating your attention to one thing at a time

  • Taking charge as the leader of projects

  • Pushing emotions to the wayside in order to get things done

  • Problem solving

  • Relying heavily on individual achievements

  • A focus on to-do lists and keeping up momentum to finish every task

  • Either prioritizing work over meals, or rigidly adhering to a diet plan

  • Exercising based on fitness goals

  • Crashing in front of the TV after work

  • Planning for the next day before going to bed

Feminine Energy

  • Allowing projects to pursue at their natural pace

  • Enjoying the process of tasks rather than the end result

  • Multitasking

  • Valuing group efforts

  • Connecting to emotions as a way to develop and change

  • Listening

  • Self-nurturing

  • Taking time to check in to see how you're feeling

  • Reflecting on the big picture

  • Sharing problems with others to receive input

  • Planning meals ahead of time and anticipating blood sugar crashes

  • Exercising based on energy levels that day

  • Connecting with yourself and your family before bed

Take a few moments to look back at your energy during different situations in your life: at work, in friendships, with your family, with yourself and with romantic relationships. Pay attention to whether or not you're out of balance in one or a few of these situations. If you're imbalanced, what can you do to make yourself become in balance? Perhaps that involves taking yourself out of the situation altogether?

In my life before this one, when I worked as a sales manager in a high-stress office environment, I operated with masculine energy nearly 100% of the time. I always felt the constant pressure of sales goals, I had direct reports I was in charge of, I didn't allow myself to become emotional and I never felt that I was performing well enough individually. Most of the time outside of the office, I was either preparing for work the next day or thinking about work. It got to the point that I'd have uncontrollable emotional breakdowns from stress because I wasn't allowing myself to live in balance. I was just trying to pull it together and be good at my job, when in all reality it was better for me to remove myself from the situation. I finally realized that I wasn't doing my job for myself - I was doing it because I felt like it was expected. That's when I decided to take the leap and leave.

Now, I prioritize my well-being and respect the process of my work. I've been able to fully realize what went wrong in my previous work life and have made a commitment to respect myself in the future and do what I enjoy. 

If you enjoyed this topic, I highly suggest reading the WomanCode to learn more about masculine vs feminine energy, along with how to live in balance with yourself in other ways. Please post any comments below!