How I Got Here

Welcome to my first blog post! This is a little bit more about my background, how I got here, and my take on yoga.

In 2013 I graduated with a business degree from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I really wanted to move to Chicago so I took the first position I could find that involved working with people: a sales/recruiting role with a technical recruitment firm. I worked my way up to become a lead and manager within the company and was able to live in three different cities overall (Chicago, Washington DC, Irvine). 

I first discovered yoga from a coworker. She was actually a yoga teacher on the side and we would go to the office building’s shared gym and do yoga during the only hour of the day that we could really move around (most of my work involved sitting at a desk talking on the phone for 8+ hours per day). Immediately I was interested and soon I attended a couple of her studio classes after work. From there I ended up finding a small yoga studio right across the street from my apartment with small class sizes that made me feel comfortable being a newbie. I think I was so interested because it brought me out of my head. The feeling at the end of a yoga class was something I hadn’t experienced before. That and the fact that I despise “working out” like most people do. I have Bambi legs so running or putting weight on my joints just doesn’t work for me. I'm the kind of person that you just kind of giggle at watching me trying to hold a pair of weights... and I'm usually laughing too.

I kept coming back to the mat because I realized how good yoga could make me feel long term. The way it was able to quiet my mind and make me feel noticeably calmer for the next hour or two after class really meant something to me. Back then I was just so focused on work, eating and getting enough sleep. It made me feel like I was a part of something bigger.

I’ve continued to stay on the mat because I’ve realized how much I’ve improved. I hadn’t done a backbend since I was in gymnastics in 4th grade, but now feel completely comfortable going into wheel pose. I can also do a few arm balances, which I never would have thought possible before. I’m generally pretty afraid of heights and doing anything that’s not firmly on my own two feet. (You should watch me try to ski sometime...) I learned how to put confidence in myself and take small steps of improvement in each class. It took two years, but I can finally balance on my head!

I’ve also realized that yoga has made me a much calmer person. I hold a ton of nervous energy and I love to worry about the future and past. Yoga has taught me that by just breathing and being in the present moment, not only is it a much more pleasant way to live, but it made me realize how much I really was struggling mentally before. I finally have cleared a space through the fog in my head and am continuing every day to keep that space open in my mind.

I decided to be a yoga teacher not only to learn more and to deepen my own practice, but because I want others to feel the relief that I have and to realize that they don’t have to suffer anymore. Yoga is about finding peace within yourself, and I believe everyone has the ability to find that. I especially want to encourage people that would “never do yoga” to try it. There are many different kinds of yoga. Yes, practicing in a hot room doing a fast flow can be really cleansing. However, I’ve found a special love for gentle and restorative yoga along with sound healing and meditation. You don’t need to break a sweat to find the peace I’m talking about.

My mission is to make yoga more accessible to everyone and to help people find the connection to their inner Self.