Yoga for the Lower Back

In a society that features lots of sitting down in chairs, lower back pain is definitely a pretty common issue that I've been hearing about lately, so I thought I'd write a post about how yoga can help. If you deal with lower back pain or are interested in learning how to use yoga to create a more stable lower back, this post is for you!

10 Minutes of Meditation per Day

I try my best throughout the day to be mindful of how I feel both physically and mentally. Occasionally I do "checkins" where I scan my body from head to toe to touch base with how I'm feeling. I was driving to class one day last week and decided to do a quick checkin in the car when I found something quite different from my usual checkins... I felt really calm!

Yoga Is For Every Body

One of the reasons why I started my YogaConscious community was to help introduce yoga into the lives of people who are unfamiliar or who have heard the rumors that you need to be super bendy in order to do yoga.