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Meredith Grubbs Book One on One or Group Classes

-Private Sessions-

I'm currently available to teach private one-on-one or small group yoga sessions. I offer an initial free consultation that includes a conversation via Skype or Facetime regarding your lifestyle and fitness goals to create a program that works best for you.

Whether you have an injury, need help modifying poses, want to learn how to improve your well-being through yoga or want to become more comfortable with yoga before entering a studio setting, private sessions can be extremely helpful.

I also offer sound healing during my sessions with my synodic moon gong and Tibetan singing bowl.



-Meredith's Class Schedule-

Tuesdays @ 7:45pm - Restorative Flow - AuraYoga, West Hollywood

Thursdays @ 7:45pm - Yin RestAURAtive - AuraYoga, West Hollywood

Fridays @10:45am - Aura Flow - AuraYoga, West Hollywood

Saturdays @ 9:30am - Aura Flow - AuraYoga, West Hollywood